The leading digital fitness media platform for the Spanish-speaking market

InstaFit is the leading digital fitness media plat-form offering high quality video & audio guided workouts in Spanish complemented with nutrition programs and one-to-one virtual nutritional coaching sessions.
It was launched with the goal of using technology to combat the region’s huge obesity epidemic by facilitating a sustain-able healthy lifestyle.
The company’s founding team is con-formed of seasoned digital entrepreneurs and is backed by experienced private and institutional investors.

InstaFit produces digital content aimed at weight loss, general fitness and healthy-living that it distributes through its mobile apps and other channels.
Users subscribed to the Company’s monthly service gain access to InstaFit’s web and mobile Apps to view over 250 streaming and downloadable video and audio exercise and meditation sessions in Spanish led by internationally certified coaches, its “Hexagono” nutritional guides, online recipe book and progress-tracking features.

In order to maximize results, users may receive personal video-consultations with InstaFit’s coaches and nutritionists as well as be added to small instant-messaging support groups with peers.

InstaFit is constantly producing new content and scouting for wellness disciplines to add to its service. This content has attracted several CPG brands for which the company has created and distributed sponsored pieces.

The Company also develops corporate wellness programs to incentivise em-ployee activity.

The vision of the company is to become a mobile fitness content distribution plat-form for original and third party productions to the likes of the “Netflix for Fit-ness” complemented with e-commerce.