First AI Real Estate Marketplace. We combine the human intuition with ML algorithms to transform complicated decisions into easy smart choices
Inteligencia Artificial y Machine Learning
Real Estate

In Loogup we want to help homebuyers all over the world find their dream home the easiest way possible. 44% of homeowners are disappointed with the purchase they made after just 3 years, this is because we all have been forced to use binary filters to grasp all the information in housing marketplaces, it is just a very simplistic way to address a very complex problem.

In Loogup we use state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to understand what you really want and need, building up a personalized ranking that learns from what you like and what you don't, making sure that you and your family are not only buying their dream home, but also making a smart investment.

More than a housing marketplace we are building a decision-making platform that in the future will help anybody to make smart decisions when making a sensitive purchase such as properties, cars, motorcycles, and why not, even guitars. So if you are looking for anything, you go to Amazon, you are making a sensitive purchase, you go to Loogup.

(Soft-releasing a closed beta in November)