Oswaldo Trava

Descripción personal

I am an Industrial Engineer from the Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Stanford University.

I have experience as an entrepreneur with more than 9 years of track record in the formation of High Impact and fast growth companies. In 2009 I founded Lo mio es TUYO (www.lomioestuyo.com), the first electronic re-commerce chain in Mexico (Emprendedores Expansión 2010). In 2012, having 20 branches, TUYO was acquired by the American capital fund Change Capital.

In 2013 I founded InstaFit with investment from Mexican private equity funds Capital Invent and VARIV Capital as well as support from several angel investors.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, I am very involved with the Mexican innovation system as both an angel investor and advisor for young technology companies. I am a frequent speaker and lecturer in entrepreneurship courses and business creation in institutions such as ITAM, UIA and Anahuac University as well as during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in collaboration with ITESM.

I lead an active lifestyle, frequently practicing Crossfit as well as outdoor sports like alpine skiing and scuba diving. I am married and am father of 2 beautiful boys.

¿Qué estoy buscando?

I am looking to engage with an active angel investor community, gain exposure to interesting companies seeking advice and investment. I am also seeking investors for InstaFit, the leading online fitness platform in the Spanish-speaking market.


I was president of the Industrial Engineering student association during college.
While working at the Willis Group I became the youngest associate director in the history of the company and was in charge of a growing portfolio of financial risk insurance products.
At Stanford I was elected as part of the GSB student council.
In 2009 I co-founded and led TUYO which I helped grow to 20 locations and over 150 employees with yearly revenues exceeding US $5.0M. The company was recognized as:
- One of Mexico's 10 entrepreneurs of the year by Revista Expansion in 2010
- Endeavor Global Entrepreneurs 2011
- Finalist in EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

Since founding InstaFit the company has been featured in several media outlets and received support from numerous governments and private institutions such as:
- INNPULSA (Colombia) 2014
- Inadem (MX) 2015
- Startup Chile (CHI) 2015
- Parallel 18 (PR) 2016
- Mass Challenge (MX) 2016
- Village Capital (MX) 2017
- Google Launchpad Accelerator (USA) 2017

I have led the company through 3 pivots with limited resources and have achieved 51 consecutive weeks of 7.5 compounded weekly paid subscriber growth, bringing the company close to breakeven with an ARR of close to US $1.0M from digital subscriptions.


Founder and CEO 2013 - 2019
Founder and CEO in charge of daily operations, team management, product development and finance.